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Survey on blood sugar meters in Slovene pharmacies

19 March 2014


There are more and more blood sugar meters available in Slovenia.


Despite the mas usage and production the quality of the meters is more or less depended on the producers itself, their good manufacturing practice, internal quality systems etc.


We were curious, which are the most trusted blood glucose meters by pharmacists, since they are the ones who have direct and regular contact with end users – predominantly people with diabetes.


The most trusted brand turns out to be…

Acceptance of e-marketing Solutions in Pharmaceutical Industry in Slovenia

28 January 2014


Every single recent analysis is showing increasing usage of internet globally. Even up to 8 out of 10 people are using it in some regions.

According to latest available SI-STAT data Slovenia is among the most developed ones, namely in Slovenia as much as 74% of people aged 10 to 74 years are using internet.


Latest hot news is published draft guidance by FDA on use of Interactive media for Pharmaceutical Industry. No wonder, since already twenty-three of the top 50 global pharmaceutical manufacturers have some level of healthcare-related social media engagement according to IMS Health's published results of the study – Engaging Patients through Social Media. Not only using social media, but have some level of engagement.


And in Slovenia? We wanted to get some insights into how Pharmaceutical companies are embracing digital channels and e-marketing solutions locally - in Slovenia; especially since there are more than half of Slovene internet users (53%) already nowadays searching for health and medicine related information via internet.


In January 2014 VI vis in partnership with CONDIB (Dražen Babić) ran a Survey on Acceptance of e-marketing Solutions in Pharmaceutical Industry in Slovenia.


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